How to install Adroid Studio on Window 10

1. Preparation Download the install package from the official website:
The package I download for example is v1.4, which is a little bit out of date but it doesn't matters if you don't need the latest characters.

2. Installation Run the file downloaded:

(1) Click "Next": (2) Choose all the components as default, and click "Next": (3) Accept the agreement:
(4) Choose the installation directory, then click "Next": (5) Set up the emulator, just keep it by default, then click "Next":
(6) Make sure everything is ready, then click "Install":
(7) Wait...wait...wait, it might take a few minutes.then click "Next": (7) Now it's finished, run it!
Note: If it says that "HAXM" failed to install or something like this. Don't worry! We can install it later when we use it. The installation program can be downloaded from the…

Mininet-WiFi Installation Under Ubuntu

Mininet-WiFi is a fork of Mininet ( which allows the using of both WiFi Stations and Access Points. Mininet-WiFi only add wifi features and you can work with it like you were working with Mininet.
1 Installation The installation of Mininet-WiFi is quiet easy under Ubuntu System. Only a few steps is needed.

step 1: $ sudo apt-get install git
step 2: $ git clone
step 3: $ cd mininet-wifi
step 4: $ sudo util/ -Wnfvl

If the installation is success, using the command "sudo mn --wifi" can start it.
2 Getting started 2.1 Using CLI (command line)  Just a simple command:
                                  sudo mn --wifi
If you see this, congratulations!